Norchard Solar Farm

DY13 9SN

Norchard Solar Farm is a subsidy-free solar photovoltaic electricity generation project. It involves the construction of a ground-mounted solar farm on 11.9 hectares of agricultural and mixed-use land located at Norchard, around 5km southeast of the town of Stourport-on-Severn (DY13 9SN). The solar farm will have a capacity of approximately 9MWp and will generate about 8.60 GWh of clean renewable energy each year, which will be supplied to homes and businesses in the nearby area through a connection to the local electricity grid.

The solar panels will be fixed to the ground with metal piles and supporting infrastructure. The project also includes the construction of ancillary infrastructure, a security fence, access, and landscaping, while continuing with agriculture in the area. It will have significant biodiversity enhancements, with the introduction of hedging plants and indigenous shrubs proposed on the site. As a priority, Norchard Solar Farm Limited will ensure that public rights of way remain open and screened by existing and new hedgerows.

This project will be a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions and achieving UK’s renewable energy targets, while also supporting the local community by providing enough clean energy equivalent to the needs of approximately 2867UK homes per year. (*The approximate average household consumption is 3000 kWh. Therefore i.e. 8.60GWh pa / 3000 kWh = 2,867 homes equivalent generation)

Norchard Solar Farm project is part of a pipeline of renewable energy projects being developed by Tyler Hill, an experienced developer of renewable energy projects in the UK. The project will go through a rigorous planning process, to ensure that it meets all necessary environmental and planning regulations. To support this, the design team at Tyler Hill and planning consultants at Third Revolution Projects will be involved. With their expertise, they can ensure that the project is designed and planned in a way that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Benefits of Norchard Solar Farm

National Benefits

Norchard Solar Farm will represent an important contribution to meeting the UK’s legally binding target under the Climate Change Act 2008 to achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050 and 78% reduction by 2035. The growth of renewable energy projects can contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and promote a more sustainable energy mix. This can ultimately lead to lower energy costs for consumers while reducing the negative impacts of fossil fuel consumption on the environment. According to the UK Government, in 2019, UK emissions were 42% lower than in 1990, while our economy over the same period grew by 72 %. This means we can achieve economic development without contributing to climate change by supporting renewable energy projects.

Community Benefits

Solar energy has one of the lowest cost of generation today. The Norchard Solar Farm will not only generate low-cost renewable energy and contribute to electricity price stability, but also contribute to the local economy and support job creation. Local power generation will contribute to the energy supply in the area thereby contributing to local business opportunities. The project aims to create direct and indirect economic benefits including local job opportunities during construction and operational phase. Furthermore, the Public Rights of Way will also remain open throughout these phases of the project.

Environmental Benefits

Norchard Solar Farm will generate 8.60 GigawattGWhof clean renewable energy each year, equivalent to displacing 1719 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year. Reducing CO2 emissions will not only mitigate the impact of climate change, but also improve air quality in the UK for future generations. The scheme will significantly, also increase the biodiversity of the site. During the lifetime of the project Norchard Solar Farm Limited aims to have minimal impact on the land, our objective is to enhance the quality of the land and soil as well as contribute to the biodiversity of the site. By incorporating wild flower meadows, hedge and tree planting, bird/bat boxes, and solitary bee hives, the project aims to create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits wildlife and improves the quality of the soil. Landscape Mitigation Plan will be included in the planning application detailing all the landscaping mitigation and biodiversity enhancements proposed.

Why Here?

Norchard Solar Farm was carefully evaluated and selected based on a number of criteria, including grid connectivity, sunlight irradiation, and material planning considerations. It was determined to be suitable for a ground-mounted solar farm due to its topography, limited flood risk, reduced visibility, and parcel size.

To address concerns from the local council, neighbours, and community, the site plans were amended to exclude parcels of land nearest to Stoney Lane. Radius access from Point of Connection was 1.8km. Additionally, a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment was conducted to support the planning application, and measures were put in place to screen the site from local footpaths.

Noise generation from the sub-station and inverters was also taken into consideration. The location of these components was carefully planned to be as far from potential receptors as possible, and the noise level is expected to dissipate entirely after approximately 100m.

An Agricultural Land (ALC) Survey and Site Search analysis were conducted, which demonstrated that the development is predominantly located on Grade 3B (moderate quality) agricultural land. The survey identified a parcel of land in the west of the site with a higher land grade (Grade 2), which was discounted from the proposed development area. Agriculture can continue throughout the operational period while encouraging additional biodiversity within the area. It is important to note that the development is temporary and completely reversible at the end of its life.

The Planning Process

Pre- Application

Pre-application advice was sought from Wychavon District Council on this site in June 2021, and it was concluded that the principle of the proposal for solar on this site would be acceptable subject to various further documents and assessments being undertaken as part of the planning application .

Public Consultation

A public consultation event took place on Thursday 28th April 2022. Concerns and queries of the local community were discussed, the main themes identified by the attendees of the event were visual impacts, sites location, noise, project duration, public rights of way, agricultural land, biodiversity, archaeology and the need for renewable energy. These discussions fed into our development design

Planning Submission

Following the design changes from the public engagement activities, Norchard Solar Farm plan to submit the planning application in May 2023.

Planning Determination

Following the statutory planning period of approximately 13 weeks, a decision at its earliest could be August 2023.

The Team

Norchard Solar Farm is being developed by Tyler Hill Renewables, who are vastly experienced in the development and construction of solar photovoltaic and flexible energy generation facilities. Tyler Hill Renewables is a London based company, developing utility scale solar, battery storage and distributed solar projects in the United Kingdom. They are committed to work on decarbonization projects to respond to the threat of climate change and to contribute to the global transition to sustainability.

Norchard Solar Farm Limited will also work with the landowners, local stakeholders, planners, and the power networks to supply renewable, green power into the grid for local use. In selecting sites, we look for minimum visual impact with appropriate landscaping, viable grid connection and ecological improvement with double-cropping by grazing, ensuring that at the end of the project’s life the land can be returned to agricultural use.

Acting on behalf of Norchard Solar Farm Limited and Tyler Hill Renewables, are our experienced planning & design consultants Third Revolution Projects, who have been working in collaboration with our team to prepare and submit the planning application for Norchard Solar Farm. Tyler Hill Renewables has also partnered with RE Projects Development Limited, who is experienced in providing customised services for utility scale PV and battery storage projects ranging from origination and initial site feasibility to development and procurement.

The Operator

Ampyr Solar Europe (ASE) is a European solar enterprise with a combined pipeline of over 6GWp of large-scale ground-mount solar projects in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The team consists of 75 experienced renewable energy professionals and is headquartered in London, with offices in Maastricht, Utrecht, Frankfurt and Berlin.

ASE has secured a €400 million loan facility from CarVal Investors to develop, construct, own and operate a portfolio of European Solar Assets. The UK team alone has 55MWp of projects under construction with over 300MWp of advanced stage projects in the pipeline. Combined with several hundred MW of projects in construction in mainland Europe, ASE’s plans to become a significant major European Independent Power Producer (IPP) are well underway.

ASE’s relationship with Tyler Hill Renewables will help them to significantly accelerate their deployment of capital in the UK and expand their base as a leading European IPP.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that it has been helpful in providing you with an overview of the project, the mitigations made through the process and the benefits that come with it.

Please check here for any updates. A link to the planning application will be live once submitted.

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